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     Ruirang Special Light Source is a large-scale and full-range manufacturer specializing in producing ultraviolet UV lamp in China. It has the professional research and development ability of ultraviolet sterilization lamp. The high quality of its products is generally recognized and respected by customers. It is widely used in aquarium, water treatment, household appliances, medical treatment, environmental protection waste gas treatment and air sterilization all over the world. It is widely used. Market share is high in many industries. The main products are: ultraviolet germicidal lamp, sterilizer, electronic ballast, quartz bushing.

Our Great Laboratory

Sharp modern workshop and laboratory


Automatic spot welder

Equipment Description: in the same industry, Rui Lang will give priority to independently developing an automatic production of shockproof electrode spot welder.

Automatic clamping equipment

Equipment Introduction: Rotary automatic clamping equipment, breaking through the single machine manual operation process, production improvement, good quality consistency.

Automatic exhaust equipment

Equipment introduction: automatic exhaust equipment, the number of exhaust lamps, vacuum and high efficiency.

Electronic ballast testing instrument

Equipments: Each electronic ballast is produced according to the requirements of the parameters of the sharp lamp to enhance the stability and service life of the lamp.
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