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  • We create value for people's environment and work through the “high-intelligence design process”. This is a comprehensive approach that combines traditional and modern design skills to address the complexities and challenges of today and in the future.

  • Walking towards a sustainable future

  • For more than a decade, sustainable development has always been an important concept in sharp design. In-depth research on society and the environment allows us to provide products that truly meet the needs of our customers.

  • Design Department's charity work

  • Since 1999, we have focused on researching humanitarian programmes to address social and environmental issues that affect socially disadvantaged groups. We are committed to developing new solutions to improve the health and environment of developing countries.

办公.jpgResearch and development

Open innovation

Based on the strategy of open innovation, Ruilang works closely with academics and industry partners around the world to bring more products to market and meet people's needs through joint innovation.

Innovation history

The open and innovative approach has enabled us to surprise people through breakthrough innovations over the past decade, from water treatment, air sterilization, aquarium equipment, semiconductors, medical equipment and more. The many patents we have have proven our innovative nature.

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