Electronic ballast PL1-800-100

Electronic ballast

Electronic Ballasts

Electronic ballasts are critical, and UV lamps are only perfectly matched to electronic ballasts, and the entire UV system can perform better sterilization. Based on this, we have developed high-quality electronic ballasts for UV lamps that allow UV lamps to be highly efficient and help extend the life of the lamps.

The power is from 10W to 500W.

Each of our electronic ballasts is available in a waterproof version, and the waterproof version of the electronic ballast is more suitable for outdoor and wet environments.

The outstanding performance is:

long lasting.

Preheating start is beneficial to the extension of lamp life.

Strong power makes the UV radiation output strong.

Can be equipped with sound and light alarm function.

A wide variety of specifications, can be customized.

It can increase the function of automatically adjusting the UV radiation intensity.

Electronic ballast PL1-800-100